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Leather stiching by hand

About Us

Bezoleather is a family-owned craft shop for those who turned their back to mass production and fast fashion and are looking for something unique.

All of our products are 100% handmade and we are dedicated to making the highest quality leather goods.


Our business is located in Turgi, Switzerland. 

I am Zoltán Bedő, and I run bezoleather.

I have always had a passion for working by hand, always with a particular focus on precision. My leathercraft journey started years ago when I wanted to buy leather holsters for my guns. I was looking for something unique, but I could not find anything to match my taste. So I started to learn how to craft leather to get what I aimed for. 


I began working with leather as a hobby, crafting gun holsters, knife sheaths, wallets, belts, and cases for my tools, and later it became a real passion. 


Then in 2022, after I made a lot of products for myself, my family, and my friends, I decided to quit my day job and started my own business to focus on what I really love. Now I can fully devote time for my passion for leather. 


My wife, Ibolya, helps our small family business from the background, from marketing, quality assurance, shipping, packaging to customer care and many more.


All our leather products are made by myself with the finest quality materials used.

Only one at a time, with exceptional care.

Fun fact

Bezoleather originates from my name: Zoltán Bedö – BeZo. 

Zoltán is a Hungarian given name, and it comes from the Turkish-origin noun, szultán (Sultan):  "king, emperor, monarch”. Nothing could be farther from my personality...

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